A legacy which is inspiring a new generation of Armed Forces service

94882758_3295509330494528_1669780299958976512_nAnthony Walshe, who is David’s cousin, recently joined the RAF and completed a series of activities today in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, as part of the #2.6Challenge. Anthony completed a 2.6km run, followed by a body weight circuit session, which included 26 push-ups and sit-ups as well as a two minute, six second plank.
For Anthony, David’s career as an officer in 29 Commando Regiment RA has proved a considerable influence, concerning his decision to pursue a career within the Armed Forces.
“At the time of my cousins tragic death, I was still fairly young at the age of 15/16. I have always had the thought of joining the Armed Forces in the back of my mind. And it has only been in the last couple years where I have really been able to appreciate the greatness that my cousin truly achieved in the Armed Forces. Being the rank of Captain in the Army and was to indefinitely rise further up through the ranks in the near future.
“I remember talking to David about the Armed Forces and how I wanted to join the RAF. He also wanted to join the RAF to be a pilot he told me, however his eyesight let him down. This however did not stop him as he became hugely successful in his army career.
It saddens me not to be able to talk to him, now that I’m also part of the armed forces. His advice would be second to none and I could relate to him on a more personal level.
“Seeing all the things that he had achieved, the places he travelled, the respect that everyone had for him, really inspired me to follow in his footsteps down the military career path.
95369699_3295509490494512_78868432916840448_n“In memory of David’s Death, the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund was set up, and has been excellently managed by his close family. With over £300,000 worth of donations, this money has been donated through Help For Heroes, which was David’s chosen charity. This helps to support wounded, injured and sick personnel as well as their families. This fund has helped over 800 personnel and their families so far, which has just been incredible!
“This is something that David would have been super proud of and everyone involved, whether that be donating, organising events, doing challenges etc.  Everyone should be immensely proud and should know that they have performed a great effort in continuing David’s Legacy.”
Donate in support of the CDSMF #2.6Challenge campaign: https://bit.ly/2W5C3KF

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