Online yogathon session stretches 2.6 Challenge campaign total in support of David’s Legacy

On Sunday 24 April, Elizabeth Seath, the mother of Captain David Seath, delivered an online Yogathon session, via Zoom in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, as part of the #2.6Challenge.

The session focused on completing 26 rounds of Surya Namaskar, a strenuous yoga sequence. The sequence is a sun salutation and incorporates a sequence of some twelve gracefully linked asanas.

The asana sequence originated in the Hatha Yoga tradition on 9th century in India. The basic sequence involves moving from a standing position into Downward and Upward Dog poses and then back to the standing position, but many variations are possible. The set of 12 asanas is dedicated to the vedic-hindu solar deity Surya.

Elizabeth Seath said:

“I am delighted that on Sunday 26th April, 20 yoga students and teachers came together to complete 26 rounds of Surya Namaskar, a strenuous yoga sequence, in David’s memory. This was fitting, as I had finally convinced David that yoga would be a good accompaniment to all his rigorous Army Commando training! As well as contributing to David’s legacy, in supporting veterans, participants all achieved a personal sense of achievement, commenting on how proud and inspired they felt. I am forever grateful for the love and support of my yogi friends and colleagues and I know David would be so proud of us continuing what he started in supporting men and women who gave so much for us.”

Frances Turner, who joined in the Yogathon through the digital platform, Zoom, said:

“I just want to say that I really enjoyed Sunday.  I will do anything to support Libby as she does me and all the other yogies and I will continue to support the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund in every way I can. There’s more to come… We are planning our BIG yogathon but unfortunately due to this virus it has put on hold but never mind it will be bigger and better when the  time comes.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on charities, with the cancellation of thousands of events and the loss of billions in fundraising income. In response, the organisers of the biggest mass-participation sports events across the country came together to create the #2.6Challenge campaign to raise vital funds to help to support UK charities.

Thanks to the fundraising carried out during the #2.6Challenge Campaign, which has included yoga, running, walking, cycling, circuit training and quizzing, David’s legacy has now raised over £310,000.00 and the funds will be used to support over 800 personnel, veterans and their families across Scotland, through Help for Heroes’ Fellowship programme.

Please follow this link to make a donation in support of the campaign:

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