New local history book pays tribute to Captain David Seath

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We are sincerely grateful to Kevin Guthrie, who has generously included a tribute to Captain David Seath within his new book, titled ‘Coal & Community; Tales of Coaledge, Crossgates, Fordell and the Hendersons’, and will donate the profits in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Captain David Seath grew up in the village of Coaledge and his family continue to reside in its peaceful, tranquil surroundings to this day. The village is deeply proud of its mining and agricultural heritage and it was within the fields and country lanes of Coaledge that many childhood friendships were forged through a wide range of sports and activities.

Gary Seath said:

“As a family, we are sincerely grateful to Kevin for making this generous gesture in support of David’s legacy. I have many fond memories of our childhood in Coaledge and we are indebted to so many members of the village who have gone above and beyond with regards to supporting David’s legacy.”

Within yards of the family home stands a war memorial in Coaledge Cemetery, where a memorial bench, in memory of Captain David Seath, was generously installed by the community of Coaledge.

It was  a visit to the Coaledge Cemetery which served as the inspiration for Kevin Guthrie to approach the Seath family, who said:

“When I decided to write the book I wanted it to capture the people and spirit of a unique community. Captain David Seath loved the surroundings of his family home in Coaledge, and he was someone locals could be rightfully proud of. It seemed only fitting that David’s story should feature in the book. He lost his life while raising funds to improve the lives of others, and his passing is still deeply felt around here. It is an honour to be involved in remembering David and helping to promote his legacy in the form of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, which ensures he will never be forgotten and shall continue to help those in need.”

The funds raised will be used to support our work through the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, which supports personnel and veterans living with life-changing physical and psychological trauma through Help for Heroes.

David’s memorial fund is making a huge and lasting difference to its beneficiaries. Every donation made in his memory is used to support Help for Heroes’ Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) which provides specialist sports equipment, respite breaks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapy, as well as facilitating supported employment placements, training courses and the setting up of small businesses.

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