David’s legacy continues encouraging young people to develop life-saving skills

174884e9-a811-42b4-8914-149ce81930adThe Captain David Seath Memorial Fund worked in partnership with Inspire Educate and Develop – First Aid Training and Lothians Veterans Centre to provide deliver a series #CPR #Defibrillator workshop to young people recently.

On Tuesday 11 September, a CPR/Defibrillator workshop was delivered to forty young people through the Police Scotland Angus And Dundee Army Cadet Force Youth Advantage Outreach Programme at Barry Budden Barracks.

This was followed up with an additional workshop at St Columba’s High School in Dunfermline On Wednesday 12 September, where the pupils learned CPR/Defibrillator techniques as a means to promote the vital life saving skills to fellow pupils within the school throughout the next next year.

57700060-b9dc-437d-8747-76e1333b51f8Gary Seath said:

“As a result of David’s tragic death, it was recommended that I have my heart tested by a Cardiologist and I conducted research as a means to understand what the specific tests were investigating. Whilst carrying out my research, I was startled to read that twelve young people die as a result of a cardiac arrest in the UK on a weekly basis and that 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests take place in the UK each year.

“Providing free CPR instruction sessions to the local community, as part of David’s legacy, are very much about providing the confidence and vital life saving skills to respond effectively in the event of a cardiac arrest.”


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