Sing in the City Dunfermline to support Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

We are delighted to announce that Sing in the City #Dunfermline will run a bucket collection in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund during their ‘Perfect 10s’ concert at Carnegie Hall, which takes place on the evening of Friday 02 March 2018.

Sing in the City Dunfermline are a sixty-strong choir who will perform contemporary classics accompanied by the Sing in the City Band to provide an unforgettable #livemusic experience! Watch the group in action

Please follow this link to book tickets:

Sing in the City is all about singing, performing and at a level that you choose. Most of the members don’t initially join because of a love of singing, they join because they need to meet new friends, forget stressful life situations. They are recovering from ill health to name but a few and singing helps them do this.

Our sincere thanks to Kirsty, the team and performers at Sing in the City Dunfermline! #YourSupportMatters #Legacy #Community#Fundraising #Veterans

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