Ewen Brand completes Mens’ Health 10K Edinburgh in support of Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

eOur sincere thanks to Ewen Brand, from Yellow Cafe, who recently completed the Men’s 10K Edinburgh event and raised £340.99 in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Both Ewen and Meghan (Mr & Mrs Yellow Cafe) as well as their boys run regular special cake promotions and collection box campaigns in support of David’s fund and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support.

Ewen posted on Yellow Cafe’s website:

“It has taken a wee while to count all the money but we are delighted to say that from the Edinburgh 10k Mr Yellow ran we raised a massive £340.99, for The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

“Thank you all so much to every customer that put money in the charity tin, to the staff who donated their tips and to my friends and family who personally sponsored me. Your money does make a difference.”

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