Jyoti Yoga to host Yogathon in Support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

1473015165811We are delighted to announce that Jyoti Yoga will host a ‘Yogathon’ event in support the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund next month.

Jyoti Yoga is a Scottish based teacher training school which was founded in 2016 and directed by Morag Wilson, Sue Turner and Carmelina Griffin.

The training school creates pathways and opportunities for people across all sectors of the community to experience the health, mental wellness and the holistic value of yoga.

Morag Wilson said:

“A Yogathon is 108 rounds of the Sun Sequence, which is traditional series of yoga moves used by all disciplines of Yoga. This can be a combined group effort, or some may wish to do it as individuals.

“I have known David’s mum for many years who has recently completed the Jyoti Yoga Teahcer Training Course. I greatly admire what the family have achieved so far in terms of David’s legacy so it made perfect sense to organise a Yogathon in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.”

The funds raised will support personnel and veterans of the British Armed Forces living with life-changing physical and psychological trauma in service of their country through the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Since it’s establishment in May 2016, as a result of Captain David’s tragic death running the London Marathon, the fund has raised over £260,000 and supported over two hundred beneficiaries rebuild their lives.

Beneficiaries have used the funds to purchase specialist rehabilitation and sports therapy equipment, facilitate PTSD therapies as well as enable respite breaks, training courses , supported employment placements and the setting up of businesses.

Gary Seath said:

“Positive health and well-being is one of the fundamental pillars of yoga. As an Officer in 29 Commando Regiment RA, David also believed passionately in supporting the positive health and well-being of the troops under his command, both on operations in Afghanistan, the Middle East and at home.

“Another interesting commonality is mental preparation, which is so important prior to embarking on tours of duty as well as developing coping mechanisms for combat stress as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“Many of our beneficiaries are in a much better place, both emotionally and physically, thanks to the financial support they have received from The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund and we offer our sincere thanks to Jyoti Yoga, who also work ever so hard in promoting positive health and well-being within the local community.”

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