The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund supports its 200th beneficiary

IMG_0903The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund is delighted to announce that it has now provided financial support to over two hundred beneficiaries.

Captain David Seath tragically died running the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 24 April 2016. As an Officer in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, David cared passionately about the men under his command as well as veterans living with life changing physical and psychological wounds. It was for these reasons which ultimately led to his decision to run the London Marathon in support of the charity Help for Heroes.

The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund was established by his brother, Gary, in May 2016 as a means to ensure the incredible amounts of money so generously donated by the British public were used to support those who David cared so much about. The fund provides financial support to personnel and veterans who have experienced life-changing physical and psychological trauma in service of their country.

Within three weeks of David’s death, The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund supported its first beneficiary, who used the funds as a means to support the establishment of a small business in Wales. Since then beneficiaries have used funds to purchase specialist rehabilitation equipment, sports therapy equipment, enable respite break, PTSD therapy as well as facilitate supported employment placements and training courses.

Ali served as an officer in the Royal Engineers and lost both his legs as a result of an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011. Thanks to the support from the military and the generosity of the wider community, Ali successfully progressed through rehabilitation and rebuilt his life. Ali resides in a beautiful location surrounded by stunning Scottish hills and forestry. Ali was determined to enjoy the outdoor pursuits he had prior to his life changing injuries, but faced a considerable obstacle.

A financial grant was provided through The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund for Ali to purchase an off-road hand bike as a means to enjoy his outdoor pursuits.

Ali said:

“I live in a beautiful part of Scotland surrounded by forests and hills but, as you can imagine, this is challenging terrain for prosthetics and wheelchairs.”

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to jump on the bike and get out into the hills again. It is these simple pleasures which make such a difference. t really has made such a difference to my enjoyment of life. I am never off the thing now. I managed to roll it going round a track bend to fast so now my wife has forced me to wear a helmet. The dog is exhausted from all the long walks he is getting as well.”

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Gary Seath said:

“We are delighted to have passed this significant milestone, which has been achieved thanks to those who have generously donated money, organised and participated in fundraising events across the globe during the past fourteen months. Without this incredible support there would be no legacy and we wish to thank everyone who has supported the captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

“When the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund was established we had no objective in mind with regards to how many beneficiaries we wanted to support. What was important was that 100% of the money raised was used to specifically support those whom David cared so passionately about and to now have supported over two hundred beneficiaries rebuild their lives, following physical and psychological trauma, is a fitting tribute to David’s memory.”

Ensure David’s legacy continues by making a donation in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

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