Jessica Hinton to run Bali Marathon in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

Jessica HintonWe are delighted to announce that Jessica Hinton will run the Bali Marathon in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund on 27 August 2017.

Jessica describes why she has chosen to run in support of our cause:

“I served with Dave in 19 Regiment RA after commissioning from the same Sandhurst intake. He will always be a man of distinction a cut above the rest and the night of our dining in to the Royal Regiment of Artillery, he shone as a true gentleman and honestly made my parents night. They were nervous and not accustom to a military dinner and Dave took it upon himself to spend most of the evening talking to my mum and dad and definitely made them relax into the evening. Even when I asked him if he was Ok he told me to get gone and was genuinely enjoying their company, something which he did not have to do. They would always ask how the cheeky Scottish lad was and what a lovely young man he is.

“Dave will always be the most social and fun loving guy I know, give that man a alcoholic beverage or just a beverage in fact and the night was set to be a cracker. So many fond memories of mess nights and the excitement of the impending fancy dress outfit. Dave has left a legacy and imprint on so many people that I felt I had to run a marathon in his memory and where I now live in Singapore I have chosen Bali on the 27th August to do this.

“The last time I ran a marathon was London 2007 and I promised myself never to run one again. The training so far has been tough, the heat and humidity has been problematic to say the least and when it gets tough I say to myself ‘we all remember our first P=physical training session’ and smile, something Dave once said to me. #legacy”

Gary Seath said:

“Jessica has been incredibly supportive to our family and I am delighted that she has chosen to run the Bali Marathon in support of The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund. I think it is clear from Jessica’s words that they both enjoyed a very special friendship through a shared experience of military life and we thank Jessica in her efforts in supporting David’s legacy.”

To support Jessica’s fundraising, please visit her Just-Giving page:

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