Molly Clarke Awarded Captain Seath Endeavour Award

Molly Clarke has received the Captain David Seath Award for Endeavour to Succeed salver at St Margaret RC Primary School’s end of year award ceremony.

The award, established in memory of former pupil, Captain David Seath, who tragically died running the 2016 London Marathon, recognises leadership, courage and determination to overcome challenge and adversity to succeed in all aspects of school life.

Fraser Gillan, Headteacher at St Margaret’s RC Primary School said:

“Molly has been heavily involved in the life and work of our school. She has taken on numerous leadership roles including, making positive contributions to our nativity, stations of the cross and investing time to invest in our younger learners.

“Molly has set an excellent example to others and is incredibly kind and considerate. She has a passion for football and shows great sportsmanship and leadership and that is why she was chosen as a Young Sports Leader.

“Molly is determined and highly-motivated; she faces all challenges with perseverance, positivity and a growth mindset while supporting others. Molly always endeavours to succeed.”

Libby Seath, the mother of Captain David Seath, presented the memorial salver to Molly during the ceremony, who said:

“It was with great pleasure that I presented our endeavour salver to Molly, who is a deserved winner having given significant service to the school community in a range of ways; as a leader and effective team member in line with the school’s values of faith, fairness and achievement.

“Our family wish Molly well as she embarks on her high school career at St Columba’s after a throughly well-deserved summer holiday.”

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