Meet the #CDSMF50K Challenge Team: Ben Waite

A group of colleagues from Edinburgh Napier University and Park Run will run over 50K in one day, across Central Scotland, in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund on Friday 21 June 2019. In part one of our ‘Meet the #CDSMF50K Team’ feature, it is our pleasure to introduce Ben Waite, who works alongside Gary Seath in the Marketing and External Relations Department at Edinburgh Napier University.

Ben describes his reasons for getting involved:

“Gary and I began working together at ENU just over two years ago. I quickly became aware of his story and the wonderful work Gary and his family has carried out in memory David. I have come to think that Gary doesn’t sleep as, between his full-time job and charity work, he is one of the busiest people I know.  He really has inspired me and I felt I have to do what I can to help.”

Ben Waite

“Last year we ran the Edinburgh Marathon Relay as team ENU and had a wonderful experience. We really didn’t want it to stop there though and, being a very keen park runner myself, we thought up this year’s crazy challenge. We have put a lot a thought into it and (though I am a bit nervous) I really can’t’ wait.”

Ben is heavily involved within Park Run, and recently completed his own personal milestone recently:

“I’ve been a regular park runner for 4 years now, completing my 100th two weeks ago. I also volunteer regularly and am part of the Edinburgh Park Run core team. I’ve acted as Run Director quite a few times and love the role. Park Run in general has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.”

Gary Seath will run alongside Ben on 21 June, who said:

“I am very grateful with regards to the continued support Ben has provided in support of David’s legacy. In my experience, fundraising challenge events succeed thanks to the incredible dedication, resilience and will of participants to complete the task. It is clear that Ben embodies the aforementioned qualities within everything he does, both at Edinburgh Napier University and his spare time, and I am very much looking forward to running alongside him, once more, on 21 June 2019.”

The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund has raised over £290,000 and provided over two-hundred and fifty welfare grants to personnel and veterans of the British Armed Forces living with life-changing physical injuries and psychological trauma through Help for Heroes, the charity David was running for that tragic day.

All donations to the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund will now be used to support Help for Heroes’ fellowship programme in Scotland. The Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters networks provide social and learning activities, support, camaraderie and a wide range of opportunities to almost 800 veterans and their families and carers across Scotland. So whether your donation today helps a Veteran learn new skills and gain confidence, or supports a family respite day or enables Help for Heroes staff to be there when a Veteran is in need; you can be sure you’re helping local heroes in David’s name and memory.

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