Jim Gallagher completes EMF2108 Marathon in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund


IMG_0652We are delighted to announce that Jim Gallagher completed the #EMF2018 Marathon in an incredible time of four hours and two minutes on Sunday 27 May 2018.

We are incredibly grateful to Jim and his wider family for their continued support. The Gallagher family are regular attendees of our fundraising events throughout the year and we were overwhelmed when Jim kindly signed up to run the EMF2018 Marathon earlier this year.

Jim is a Naval Officer as well as an experienced marathon runner and, despite his many commitments, managed to maintain a disciplined training schedule during the harsh winter/spring weather. Now that the race is over and the blisters have began to heal, he has very kindly shared a few words with regards to his experience.

 “My training for this race didn’t go as well as I had hoped due to family and work commitments (and maybe a wee bit of laziness…) so I was very happy with my time of 4:02:17! The weather was kind to us. It was forecast to be 22 degrees but the east coast har came in to save the day! 

“I chose to run for the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a great cause! Providing sports equipment, respite breaks and PTSD therapy all help to get wounded (physically and mentally) service personnel and veterans back on their feet. 

“Secondly, the way that David’s family have channeled their grief by setting up this fund to help others shows great courage. I didn’t know David but we went to the same school, I think I was three years above him, and he was also an Officer in the UK Armed Forces like me. Different cap badge but same big family! 

“I’ll definitely run another event for the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund. Maybe not a marathon though…”

If you would like to donate in support of Jim’s fantastic efforts, you can do so by visiting his Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jimgallagher

We offer our sincere thanks to Jim for his commitment and dedication towards supporting the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

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