Captain David Seath Memorial Fund beneficiary Mark Hiscutt’s story

Hiscutt letter (dragged) 1Mark Hiscutt has sent a wonderful letter of thanks to the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, who recently received financial support from us to assist in purchasing woodwork tools and a lathe as part of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery pathway.

Mark said:

“I am a veteran of the Falklands War and served onboard HMS Sheffield as an Able Seaman (Missle) or in old money a Gunnery Rate. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2001 after I had a breakdown. Up until then I had masked my illness through drink and concentrating on my wife who had an eating disorder that is thought to be due to the war. When I knew that everything was okay my body just let out the 18 years of grief I had been hiding.

“Having a hobby is important as it helps to relax you and take your mind off things going around round your brain. In 2016 I had to take early retirement due to my PTSD and it was suggested that I take up a hobby. After asking in my pensions I had a little workshop built (my occupational therapy room) that is fully insulated, heated and with lighting as well as a nice chair and radio. Firstly, I thought of whittling, then carving so I purchased a cheap set of tools and started to teach myself. I started thinking about woodturning after watching some demonstrations in a local store but I knew I could not afford to purchase the equipment I needed.

Hiscutt letter (dragged)“The last time I did any wood turning was in woodwork classes back at school in 1976, so I have watched a awful lot of You Tube videos and teaching myself. I have made five pieces so far and have put my name down for a woodturning course with Help for Heroes in November. While I am in my little workshop I can escape from my thoughts and it helps with my concentration which, to be blunt, is rubbish. It also gives Kirsty my wife a break from me, who has been my rock over the past 35 years and I do not know what I would do without her, I lover her so much.

“I wish to keep you updated on my progress and hope to one day send you something I have made using the lathe that the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund has helped to purchase. David’s legacy to us has helped so many service personnel and veterans, including myself, to move forward with our lives and I am eternally grateful.”

We offer our sincere thanks to Mark for coming forward and wish him well with regards to his ongoing PTSD recovery pathway.

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