Thank you for five years of support!

Today, we mark five years since David tragically died running the London Marathon and the establishment of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund. It’s been a journey of poignant sorrow, unceasing effort and incredible life-changing moments for so many, who have collectively raised over £320,000.00 to support personnel, veterans and their families, through Help for Heroes.

Human expression offers no adequate outlet for the gratitude we wish to express to everyone who has so generously supported David’s legacy over the past five years. A decision was made at 4am in a London hotel to attempt to establish a legacy for David. The kindness, commitment and compassion of so many has led to its realisation and so much more than any one could ever have imagined.

Thank you!


David’s legacy continues supporting veterans and their families during COVID-19

We are delighted to inform supporters that funds raised, through the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, has supported Help for Heroes deliver over one hundred and sixty virtual sessions to veterans and their families, during COVID-19.

Virtual sessions were launched in response to COVID restrictions imposed last year, which have continued to support the mental health and wellbeing of veterans and their families across Scotland as restrictions have remained in place.

Fear, worry, and stress are normal responses at times when faced with uncertainty and it is understandable that many veterans and their families are experiencing many additional challenges in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Added to the fear of contracting COVID-19 are the significant changes to daily routine and restricted movement imposed to contain and slow down the spread of the virus, which, ultimately, has reduced contact time with charities like Help for Heroes.

Therefore, at least three virtual sessions have been delivered on a weekly basis, which have provided a variety of themed and social get togethers for veterans and their families to get involved in activities and engage with the staff members within Help for Heroes.

A wide variety of virtual activities have proved popular with veterans and their families, including regular quiz, murder mystery and escape room events as well as drawing, painting, adult colouring-in book and model-making sessions.

Despite optimism concerning the transition out of lockdown restrictions, virtual sessions will remain in place for the time being and David’s legacy will continue to support veterans and their families, via virtual means.

Gary Seath said:

“It is clear the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a profound affect on how the third sector continues to raise funds as well as present unique challenges to adapt and respond effectively to continue supporting the needs of beneficiaries.

“Virtual services has proved critical during these unprecedented times, which have served to reduce isolation and ensure veterans and their families remain connected with one another and the team at Help for Heroes over the past year.

“It’s wonderful that David’s legacy has played a significant role in supporting veterans and their families engage in a wide variety of virtual activities as a means to support mental health and wellbeing during these very challenging times.”

Donate in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund

Run, walk, cycle or swim a virtual 5K anywhere and anytime on Sunday 25 April, in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Run, walk, cycle or swim a virtual 5K anywhere and anytime on Sunday 25 April, in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Your participation will ensure that now, more than ever, David’s legacy will continue to support veterans and their families, through Help for Heroes.

There’s no need for a Just Giving page, simply an £8 participation fee and it would be great to see you share your pics using our social media handles on the day.

Thinking about improving your fitness?

The evenings are starting to get lighter and now is the perfect time to start thinking about working towards achieving your fitness goals through our Virtual 5K.

Already into your fitness?

If you’re already well into your fitness, why not challenge yourself to work towards achieving a PB on top of your donation, through our virtual 5K.

No matter your motivation, keep in touch us and share your story:

Thank you for thinking about supporting the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Show us some love this February!

Show the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund some love this month by entering the #easyfundraising Valentine’s Giveaway, which could win us a £500 donation! ♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹For a FREE entry, all you have to do is visit the competition page and click any of the listed retailers to buy a wee gift for that someone special in your life! This would make a BIG difference to us during this difficult time, so please take a moment to get involved!

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Endeavour ethos of former pupil Captain Seath lives on through school award

An annual award, established to recognise the endeavour ethos of former pupil, Captain David Seath has announced its latest winner, Amy Stewart.

The Endeavour Award reflects the ethos demonstrated by Captain David Seath as an Officer of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, including commitment, dedication, leadership and resilience.

“The establishment of the award was to encompass David’s qualities encapsulated in the testimonials and hundreds of messages and cards at the time of his tragic death as well as reinforce David’s leadership ethos to future generations.

“Amy is our fourth recipient of the Endeavour Award and, like Ciara O’Hara, Michael Doherty and John Fleming, I am confident she will build upon her positive experiences in secondary school to build a very bright, promising future.”

This year takes on added significance as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and many pupils were considered, who demonstrated considerable resilience and determination to achieve desired grades and move on to positive destinations, such as further study.

This year’s winner, Amy Stewart,  from Rosyth, was nominated having demonstrated the endeavour ethos by taking a leading role in fundraising as part of the school’s Rotary Interact Group as well as and commitment to her studies and progression to further study. 

“During my time at St. Columba’s I always loved being a member of the Rotary Interact Group where we organised events raising money for local charities. In my final year at the school I became one of the leaders of the club and as a group we managed to arrange many different events for charities before the schools shut due to covid. 

“When the school closed I felt worried about what was going to come next with exams and the leavers activities that we had planned. Of course none of those things went ahead which had been a damper on the end of my high school experience. 

“However after receiving this award I felt much more fulfilled and confident in my role within the school and the wider community, and now I have progressed to Queen Margret University to become a primary school teacher, which has been a life long dream of mine.”

Support David’s Fund through your Christmas Shopping

Starting your christmas shopping this weekend? Why not shop online through and help generate donations in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund.

Over 4,300 shops and sites will donate to the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund at no extra cost to you – so you can raise donations when you buy gifts, decorations, your festive food shopping or anything else! 

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Captain David Seath Memorial Fund Virtual 5K Raises Much Needed funds for Help for Heroes

We are delighted to announce that our Captain David Seath Memorial Fund Virtual 5K fundraising event has raised over £700 in support of veterans and their families across Scotland, through Help for Heroes.

Over one-hundred and thirty of our inspirational supporters ventured out into changeable autumn conditions and completed a wide range of 5K-themed activities, which included running, walking, rowing, cycling, yoga, dog-walking and hula-hooping.

The funds raised will be used to support personnel, veterans and their families in communities across Scotland, through Help for Heroes, who last week announced plans to restructure in response to the challenges faced as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Alice Fox, who completed a virtual 5K walk with her parents, said:

“The Seath family happened to live down the road from me in Fife and last year we did the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund 5K in Pittencrieff Park. However, as with most situations the year, we’ve had to adapt and I completed the virtual 5K in Stirling, whilst my parents did the same in Fife. It’s a brilliant cause and we’re so glad to be able to contribute.”

Gary Seath said:

“We are overwhelmed by the incredible level of engagement and sincerely grateful to our wonderful supporters who, once again, have gone above and beyond wth regard to supporting David’s legacy, through our virtual 5K fundraising event.

“It is clear the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact on the charity sector and Help for Heroes have announced plans to restructure as a means to ensure their promise of life-long support to the UK armed forces continue remains intact.

“Having experienced a devastating loss of fundraising income, Help for Heroes have faced a 33% rise in new cases coming forward for support during the Covid-19 pandemic who have responded through a combination of community-facing and virtual support.

“Any fundraising we can undertake during these challenging times is essential to support Help for Heroes continue to adapt and respond to meeting the support needs of personnel, veterans and their families during these unprecedented times.

“Virtual fundraising may prove a vital medium for some time to come and we will endeavour to ensure David’s legacy continues, supporting those whom he cared most passionately about, through Help for Heroes.”

The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund has raised over £320,000.00 which has been used to support personnel, veterans and their families across Scotland, through Help for Heroes.

David’s fund organises an annual 5K run/walk, golf day and pub quiz in support of David’s legacy as well as support individuals, community groups and local business take on challenge events and organise fundraising events.

For further information, please contact:

Tune in to BFBS Scotland and listen to our virtual 5K interview

It was a pleasure to speak with Jim Gellatly from BFBS Scotland this morning about our forthcoming Captain David Seath Memorial Fund Virtual 5K Fundraising Event, in support of Help for Heroes. Tune in to Jim’s breakfast show tomorrow morning (Wed 04 Oct) from 9am to hear our pre-recorded interview:

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Now, more than ever, your fundraising support is required

Our nominated charity, Help for Heroes, like many charities at the moment, are experiencing considerable challenges during these unprecedented times. Many difficult decisions have had to be made, including potential redundancies and continued closure of recovery centres across the UK. Veterans and their families continue to receive vital support from Help for Heroes, via digital means, however, it is clear, more than ever, our fundraising is required to ensure their work continues, both now and in the future.

We warmly invite you to consider participating in our Captain David Seath Memorial Fund Virtual 5K Fundraising event on Sunday 04 October. It’s simply £5 to take part and it will make a huge difference to supporting veterans and their families across Scotland, through Help for Heroes’ Fellowship Programme.

Sign Up:

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Musicians from across the world invited to unite in virtual statement of remembrance

We are very proud to have supported a number of wonderful remembrance initiatives and would like to raise awareness of the #iSing4Peace Project.

Musicians, of all ages and abilities, from across the world will unite, via virtual means, to participate in what will prove a truly remarkable statement of remembrance in November.

Learn more and get involved:

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