Mental Health Awareness Week 2020


During these unprecedented times, it’s important to check-in with friends and family as well as reflect on our own state of mind. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek aims to get people talking about #MentalHealth and remove the stigma which can stop some talking the brave first step towards receiving vital support.

Thanks to your continued support, The Captain David Seath Memorial Fund remains committed to supporting the positive health and well-being of personnel, #veterans of their families in communities across Scotland, through #HelpforHeroes #FellowshipProgramme.


Kindness, therefore, is not just an emotion, but is defined by our actions. These acts of kindness do not have to be grand gestures. Listening to and being with someone as they talk about a bad day, holding the door for someone who has their arms full, or being accepting towards those around us can all be acts of kindness.  However, it is important to note that kindness also  involves the perception of others , in that an action we intend to be kind or helpful may not always be perceived by the recipient in that way.  It has been proposed that kindness has three main facets: considering the feelings of others, having everyday acceptance, courtesy and love towards others and behaving honourably towards them.

Kindness is also closely related to compassion and altruism.  Altruism refers to an action that provides a benefit to someone else but at a cost, or no benefit, to oneself. Therefore, many acts of kindness will also be examples of altruism. Compassion is similar to kindness in that it involves feeling empathy and a desire to help, but specifically in the context of the suffering, hardship or distress of others and so acts of kindness in difficult times may often come from a place of compassion.


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