Trish Patterson to take on world renowned endurance race in support of David’s legacy

We are delighted to announce that Trish Patterson will take on the MONTANE®Spine® Race in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, a challenge which will involve covering an epic 268 miles across the most demanding national trails in Britain, over seven days.
The MONTANE®Spine® Race The MONTANE®Spine® Race is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races. A truly epic challenge that will test your physical resilience and mental fortitude. Racing non-stop along the most iconic trail in the UK, you will experience the full intensity and ferocity of the British Winter.

The Pennine Way is one of the most demanding National Trails in Britain, and certainly the most iconic. The trail crosses some of the most beautiful and at times difficult terrain found in England, including; the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland National Park, Hadrian’s Wall and the Cheviots; finishing at the Scottish Borders.

The Spine® Race is open to anyone with appropriate experience* who wishes to test themselves and compete in a truly demanding race. Expect to face extreme weather, deep snow, ice, mud, bogs, ground water, storm force winds and driving rain in a gruelling, non-stop, 7-day race from Edale to Kirk Yetholm.


It’s not just the conditions that are against you, your own body and mind could become your worst enemy. Tiredness, fatigue, sleep deprivation and exposure to the extremes of winter weather are all to be expected. To finish you must be prepared and willing to push yourself harder than ever before.

Trish has kindly taken time out of her training schedule to share her thoughts with regards to taking on the Spine Race:

“Dave and I met in the Army and were deployed to both Kenya and Afghanistan together.

“One of my best memories of Dave is when we had a big BBQ at my house. Everyone bought some beers and burgers in a ratio of 90% beer and 10% burger with the odd sausage. Not Dave though, Dave arrived at my house with some of the finest ingredients and declared he was making home made burgers! Needless to say they were amazing and soon disappeared.

“Dave didn’t do things in half measure, he was committed, hardworking but also very funny. He had that knack of making tough things feel easier to those around him with either a smile or a few words. His enthusiasm and laughter was infectious. Dave was one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
“Dave was very tough both physically and mentally, I don’t doubt he would have liked the challenge of the Spine Race which is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races. Racing 268 miles with over 13000 meters of ascent non-stop in the ferocity of the British Winter unsupported would have been right up his street!
“To complete the Spine Race I will have to be tough, both physically and mentally. Training for an event like this requires a lot of time and sacrifice (I’ve lost many toenails!) but it is needed. My training plan will have me running 100 miles a week at my peak, and there will be limited partying for me at Xmas.
“People often see the distance as the toughest aspect of the race, but I think the darkness is the toughest. During the race it will be dark for about 16hrs a day and it is likely that I will be alone, fatigued and cold. Maintaining mental focus will be tough when every part of your body wants you to stop and sleep, but I will try my best to ride out the tough times like Dave, with a smile.”
We offer our sincere thanks to Trish for supporting the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund and wish her the best of luck for January. If you would like to donate in support of Trish’s epic effort, you can donate, via Just Giving.

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