Team completes 50 kilometre run in one day and raises over £1500 in support of David’s Legacy

We are delighted to announce that the #CDSMF50KChallenge has raised over £1500 in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund. 

Gary Seath, Wade Cormack, Ben Waite, Kirsty Gray, Ali Dourley, Nicky Freedman and Kathy Henly successfully completed ten park run routes across central Scotland, which equates to an incredible 50 kilometres (31.6 miles) in one day. An estimated one hundred runners joined the team throughout the day at the various Park Run routes.

The funds which have been raised in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund will provide social, sporting and learning activities, support, camaraderie and a wide range of opportunities to almost eight hundred veterans and their families and carers across Scotland through Help for Heroes Fellowship programme.  

Gary Seath said:

“The #CDSMF50KChallenge proved a truly memorable day and I am sincerely grateful to the commitment and dedication our running and logistical support teams demonstrated throughout the nineteen hours.

“We began with what I can only describe as the most tranquil experience ever; I will never forget that particular run in Cramond watching a beautiful sunrise developing across the River Forth and the waves gently rippling against the sea wall, amidst the gentle hue of early morning. I think we all agreed it was a really spiritual moment which set us up for the day ahead. 


“We were buoyed on further as we learned a number of inspirational individuals who joined us at Cramond had decided to join us for the duration, most of whom had ran the 2016 London Marathon on the day David tragically died and had, in actual fact, ran passed him, which was very emotional and poignant to reflect upon so early in the day. It’s difficult to find the words to describe how you feel when there’s a commitment to your brother’s legacy in a manner like that. However, their support was greatly appreciated and, in my book, they are all heroes and, indeed, heroines.

Following the initial phase at Cramond, the team completed park run routes at Portobello Meadowmill, Vogrie, Livingston, Falkirk, Loch Leven, Lochore Meadows, Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline.

Gary Seath continues:

“The weather proved tremendous and we were blessed with stunning scenery throughout the day and it was a real joy to run such a contrast of urban parklands, manor estates, woodland and country parks. What truly blew us away was the support we received from so many runners who joined us at the various park runs, many of whom decided to join us for several more of the phases. We simply cannot thank everyone enough for their support, passion for our cause and generous donations.

The overall success of the event often overshadows the invaluable contributions of those behind the scenes and, in this case, we are determined that this does not happen.

Gary contines:

“Our running and logistical teams deserve huge praise with regards to the dedication, endurance and commitment demonstrated over a period of nineteen hours and ten park run routes. Throughout the day, the team spirit was fantastic and, despite not having met a number of our team until the day itself,  rapport was easily established along the way, through humour, solidarity and a real focus on the objective. Both Naomi Waite and Alison Skinner also played such a very important role behind the scenes, who ensured our running team was transported and well looked after throughout the day as well as undertaking group photo coordination for social media (no mean feat, I assure you!).

“A special note of sincere thanks must, of course, go to Ben and Wade, who have selflessly committed themselves to this specific challenge event and, indeed, David’s legacy over the past six months. The guys have a wealth of running experience, knowledge and contacts within Park Run circles which proved vital with regards to how we assessed, managed and, ultimately, completed the challenge. Without their contribution, the event would not have been as successful, it’s as simple as that.

“A further detail which many won’t be aware of is the generosity of Loch Leven’s Larder, who generously paid for lunch for the entire team, prior to taking on Loch Leven park Run phase. An exceptional gesture and greatly appreciated by everyone, considering how ready were ready for some proper sustenance. A further note of thanks must go to all Park Run Directors and runners, who gave up their Friday morning, noon and evening to ensure we did not run further than we had to. In addition, your words of support and generosity kept us going throughout the day.”

Lochore Meadows

“This entire experience has highlighted the true power of community spirit, determination and selfless commitment. Our #CDSMF50KChallenge served to bring runners, veterans, friends and family together in support of David’s legacy in such a unique way. I previously said it would be essential that we embody the commando spirit in the same way David did as an Officer in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery as a means to complete this task; I think we certainly did that and proved what dedication, commitment and resilience as well as community spirit can accomplish.”

You can still donate in support of our #CDSMF50KChallenge here:


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