Meet the #CDSMF50K Challenge Team: Wade McCormack

A group of colleagues from Edinburgh Napier University and Park Run will run over 50K in one day, across Central Scotland, in support of the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund, on Friday 21 June 2019. In part two of our ‘Meet the #CDSMF50K Team’ feature, it is our pleasure to introduce Wade McCormack. 


“I have been running for the last twenty years. I began when training to play Lacrosse for my home town when I was around ten years old. I quickly found that I enjoyed spending time running, it gave me space and time to think and enjoy the outdoors. I ran throughout high school for the cross-country team and dabbled a bit in track. When I went to University for my undergrad and masters I continued to run a bit but it slowly fell off the priority list. When I moved to Scotland in 2013 to being my PhD I fell in love with running again. Running along the seaside and up hills was amazing! I started to race again choosing longer distances, moving up from half marathons to running my first ultra-marathon last year. 

“Parkrun was new to me moving over to Scotland, as it had not yet taken off in Canada. I thought, wait, I can run a 5k timed run every week for free? What’s the catch? There is no catch, as I found out, just a great way to meet people and do something that I love doing. Whether I am hammering out a PB attempt, pacing a friend or just going out for a more leisurely Saturday morning run, I always enjoy Parkrun. I love you can go to so many places all around the country and if there is a park with trails or a path, there is likely a Parkrun.

“I was introduced to Ben Waite in early 2018, we bonded over our love of running. A reliable source, Ben’s wife Naomi, told me that we were ‘set-up’, to meet at a mutual friend’s housewarming party. We began our Tuesday night runs shortly after. We shared stories and I joined him doing Parkrun on the weekends. One Tuesday evening, Ben told me about an upcoming challenge he was thinking about with one of his Edinburgh Napier University colleagues, Gary, supporting the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund. I was immediately interested in doing what I could to help.”

Gary Seath said:

“I am delighted and honoured Wade will join us on Friday 21 June, whose wealth of running experience is a hugely valuable asset to the team. Having met Wade, I was overwhelmed by his energy and passion for supporting David’s legacy and I know a considerable amount of veterans access adventure training programmes, through his work at Venture Trust. Wade embodies the commando spirit in many ways and I am confident his participation will ensure we are both prepared and ready to meet the challenge ahead.” 

All donations to the Captain David Seath Memorial Fund will now be used to support Help for Heroes’ fellowship programme in Scotland. The Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters networks provide social and learning activities, support, camaraderie and a wide range of opportunities to almost 800 veterans and their families and carers across Scotland. So whether your donation today helps a Veteran learn new skills and gain confidence, or supports a family respite day or enables Help for Heroes staff to be there when a Veteran is in need; you can be sure you’re helping local heroes in David’s name and memory.


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